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The powered respirator is used  dustand partial , not for gas or vapors 

100*90mm large view size welding helmet

Sensitivity, delay time and dark shade all outside adjustment

  • Air flow: 170L/min 210L/min,250L/min
  • Charging time: 3h
  • Recharge time: >500 times
  • Working humidity: <90%
  • Storage humidity: <85%
  • Air filter class: P3
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    Auto darkening welding helmet :

    View size:110*90mm

    Filter dimension:133*114*9mm

    Light state shade:DIN4

    Dark state shade:DIN5-8/9-13

    Shade control ways:external

    Switching time:1/25000s

    Sensitivity control:yes

    Delay time:0.1-0.9s

    UV/IR protection:DIN16

    Power supply: solar cell &lithium batteries

    Arc sensor:4pcs

    Air filter:

    Three layers of filtration more perfect effect.

    Stainless steel mesh(pre-filtration)

    Activated carton filter

    Air filter(solid particles,smoke and other pollutants’ filtration)


    Type:lithium, rechargeable



    Charging time:3hrs

    Charging cycles:>500

    Material case:impact proof ABS



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  • 1. Each type MOQ

    If OEM brand , more than 1000pcs is ok .

    2. Packing

     20pcs/carton ,6pcs /carton or 4pcs/carton

    3.Production time

    Usually need 30-35days for one container . Also calculate based on quantity

    4. Can we visit your factory?

    Yes . Any time is ok .

    5. Which payment that you accept?

    T/T,L/C,Western union

    6. Which certificate that you have?



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