Auto darkening welding helmet main parts and function

Auto darkening welding helmet main parts and function:

1. Auto darkening filter (ADF)

It is composed of liquid crystal ,electronic circuits,solar panels,batteries ,sensor, ultraviolet and infrared filters . When the welding arc occurs , the liquid crystal is instantly triggered to darkening, ultraviolet and infrared rays are reflected offer  and appropriate visible light is projected to funds of the eys. Light transmission is reduced to an appropriate degree to protect the eyes from strong light damage.

2. Helmet shell

The material is PP . It is light and durable . The material used is heat resistant. It can protect the operator from the harm of heat radiation and avoid the damage of welding spark and welding spatter to the face .

3. Headgear

The headgear is made of low density polyethylene LDPE by injection molding machine once . The knob at the end of the heagear can adjust the tightness of the headgear . The know at the back can adjust the tilt angle. By adjusting knobs to achieve a proper fixed angle of the welding mask .The welding can be done easily with both hands .

Post time: Mar-05-2021