20years professional factory forced supplied best fullface powered air respirator welding helmet air purifying

Short Description:

The powered respirator is used for dust removal and partial odor removal, not for gases or vapors and is used to reduce or remove resistance to inhalation during respiration by producing a constant airflow.

The unit is designed with manufacturer’s minimum  design flow rate 170 litres,210 litres or 250 litres per minute (the flow rate at which the equipment still will fulfill the requirements of the class in EN12941).

The actual working time will be about 8 hours .

Product Detail


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Optical Class :1/1/1/1

LCD Viewing Area :75×112mm(2.95×4.41in.)

Arc Sensors: 4

Light State Shade: DIN 3

Grind State: DIN 3

Cutting Shades: 4 to 8

Variable Welding Shades :9 to 12 / 13 to 15

Shade Control :Variable Shade, Digital Display Control

Power On/Off :Auto-ON, Auto-OFF
Sensitivity Control Variable 1 to 10, Digital Display Control

UV/IR Protection Up to Shade DIN16 at all times

Power Supply Solar cell with battery assist Battery 2 x CR2450 lithium batteries

Light to Dark Switching Time 0.00004 sec. (1/25,000 sec.)

Dark to Light Switching Time Variable 0 to 10,Digital Display Control (0.1 sec.to 1.0 sec.)

Grinding Yes

Operating Temperature 14°F~ 131°F (-10℃~55℃)

Storage Temperature -4°F~158°F (-20℃~70°℃)